Word Posters

This was the second of three posters done for a project where we had to design a series of posters which defined an obscure or unknown word. To keep consistency across the series I used similar objects to illustrate the definitions, and photographed them all on the same backdrop.

For Laconic, I chose a shot glass and the commonly associated lime to illustrate the definition: “very concise.”

For Farrago, I chose a bottle to photograph and added a mixture of different colored and styled text inside it, to illustrate the definition: “a confused mixture.”

For Wassail, I chose to photograph two bottles clinking together with some fluid sloshing around inside, and later added the clashing red and green dots as if the bottles were clinked together rapidly, to give the feeling that it is a situation where people are celebrating in order to visually convey the definition “Righteous Drinking; Revelry .”

Size: 20″ x 30″